What We Do

We get you. Like no one else does.

First and foremost, we tell the truth. Then we write Copy that Sells (Without All Those Little White Lies)™. We believe that you and your clients ought to be treated with the utmost care and respect. The level of courtship and conversion we bring to each project allows us to preserve your hard-earned list and deepen your relationship with your tribe.

Our goal is to help you create an ecosystem of ravenous potential buyers who want you to talk to them into wanting more–no, into needing more. And we’ve found, in our own experience, is that nothing sells better than the truth.

So let’s make a move.

Maybe you’ve got your eye on a particular market, but haven’t found a way to reach them and disrupt the status quo. You’re already doing the whole Facebook ad, email marketing, telesummit, blogging, speaking from the stage thing and still not getting traction. When you’re sitting on a product with enormous potential, but don’t have a way to tap into a revenue stream, that’s not cool. And we love cool. (And love). We can give you the courage to cannonball into that stream and make a splash that your market knows is meant for them.

We want to make you legendary.

And so we do. By magnifying your greatest gifts and telling your story in a way that has never been told before. The only copying we do is copywriting and copyrighting.

So if you need content – of any kind – just ask. From video scripts and blog posts (that have a noticeably higher chance of going viral), emails, website copy that makes people want to buy, positioning your products and services and even writing keynote titles, we’ve got your back. We want to ignite your dreams and present them in ways that are as awesome as they are authentic.

Because we know the world would be more incredible if every business was brave enough to run on absolute truth.