The Waiting List:


Waiting List: Advanced Marketing Strategies For Getting Prospects To Fall In Love With Your Brand And Say YES To Working With You (Quicker, Sooner, Faster)


I’m Monaica Ledell, The Positioner™, and I’ll take you through my 3-step “not-so-magic” formula for getting potential clients to fall in love with your brand (and waiting in line to work with you!)



How to look like a million bucks online (on an entrepreneur’s budget)


Monaica’s not-so-magic formula for cutting down the time it takes to close the deal (especially if you HATE selling)


The best and simplest tools ALL coaches should be using for website building, email marketing and ecommerce (The best part? They’re all FREE!)


Monaica, is truly world class in the area of digital marketing, reaching our clients online and moving them to conversion and taking action. We brought her in to serve as a pinch hitter in a crunch and she exceeded our expectations on every level. Her commitment to our clients was truly inspiring and mind blowing. She instantly took on every challenge as if it were her own and ran with the ball. Ultimately, Monaica was a key component of us making our touchdown. I highly recommend if you are building your brand online, offline and strategic moves and increasing your reach and impacting your audience that you add Monaica to your team.

Lisa Nichols, Motivating the Masses (Star of the Hit Movie The Secret)


Hi, I’m Monaica Ledell, and today I have a question for you…


What if you could move the dial in your business and go from a slooooow stream of clients to a freaking WAITING LIST?

Yep, it’s totally possible.

A waiting list to be your next private coaching client.
A waiting list to to come to your next workshop or live event.
A waiting list to join your next mastermind or group program.

This is the difference between swimming upstream and creating a thriving business with #revenueonfire.

If you’re ready to learn the secrets of “The Waiting List” and how to turn your online presence into a revenue generating machine, then be sure and join us for this totally free advanced training.