Shayna Rattler

“Record Low Revenue to Company Acquisition in just 6 weeks”

Previous Brand: Supplier Diversity Academy
New Brand: The Corporate Attraction Coach™

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Shayna Rattler


Truth Hacking has been the best thing that has happened to my business in a long time. I have struggled with my brand identity for years and they not only created a new one, but nailed it! Their copywriting brought my message to life in a way that was clear and succinct yet in my own voice. Beyond their traditional branding and marketing services, they even project managed my website and marketing materials for the new brand with such grace and ease. They are amazing to work with and I see them being part of my team for years to come.

The Problem

To rebrand Shayna in a professional light that presents her more as an entrepreneur than a coach or teacher, while still maintaining an instructive and intermediary presence between the budding small business owner and the contact from a larger corporation seeking to acquire or contract work.


Shayna is an incredibly talented entrepreneur and previously a million dollar entrepreneur. She has a long history of working with minority and women business owners as a coach, consultant, author, and speaker.

She started a new business because she recognized the niche in matching big companies with small business owners who were both supplier ready and prepared to handle the major growth and scaling required to partner with a large company existing in the Fortune 500 or Fortune 100 range.

Our Strategy

Branding Strategy #1

After some in-depth research and conversation between our company and Shayna, we were able to zero in on her passion for business matchmaking. This eventually revealed her brand to us, The Corporate Attraction Coach™. This implies that both parties will profit from an engagement with one another and prevents either from being taken advantage of. With this in mind, we were able to put her back out into the field – a role she is infinitely more effective in playing than that of the teacher, the basis of her previous brand strategy.

Branding Strategy #2

We identified a new position for Shayna and helped the market make sense of her genius – Shayna helps small biz owners become attractive for big business and big business learn how to effectively attract great suppliers. By rebranding her presence in the market, we were able to transition her from a small business advisor to an any-size business mastermind. In removing her from the stationary role of teacher, she was able to move around in the marketplace more and attract larger-sized and more suitable clients for her small business clients. This fostered an extremely easy and effective passage from Supplier Diversity Academy to The Corporate Attraction Coach™.

Branding Strategy #3

We moved Shayna to the front and center as a personal brand to support the business first and foremost through her web design. We designed the website with the goal of place Shayna’s face to the services she offers. By bringing her personal presence to the forefront, we were able to personalize the experience she is offering and liven up a previously desolate web space and uninviting color palette.

The result

Six weeks after going live with her brand, her company was was approached and acquired. Shayna wasn’t doing anything different, but she had been effectively positioned in such a light that investors were able to hone in on the true potential revenue in her company and new brand. She became an irresistible asset in the marketplace and was compensated accordingly for her efforts and genius.


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