To put it plainly, our clients are the coolest. We have no doubt about that.

And we are constantly humbled and flattered by the amazing clients who support our ideals and way of doing things. This isn’t just a job for us–our clients become our friends. And, oftentimes, we become the students of their genius as they grace us with their wonderful minds.

David Hopkins

Founder, Collaborative Managing Partner at Creative Expansion LLC

Monaica Ledell of Truth Hacking is a miracle messenger and growth specialist. She is a brilliantly sharp, deeply empathic, and all about her clients’ financial growth. I have benefitted from her strategy consulting myself, as well as recommended her to my clients. Often she could help them even more than I could, so she is a must for any entrepreneur or brand looking for truth in a sea of noise pollution. Truth Hackin’s insights are a secret weapon. Her firm’s capacity to implement rapid results is a true gift to any personal or corporate brand who gets to work with her/them — I strongly endorse Monaica and Truth Hacking, LLC if you want to experience a marketing consultant who will make you/your brand rise above the rest. If you’re like me, you will never forget the transformational experience working with her and TH!

Lisa Nichols

Motivating the Masses (Star of the Hit Movie The Secret)

Monaica, is truly world class in the area of digital marketing, reaching our clients online and moving them to conversion and taking action. We brought her in to serve as a pinch hitter in a crunch and she exceeded our expectations on every level. Her commitment to our clients was truly inspiring and mind blowing. She instantly took on every challenge as if it were her own and ran with the ball. Ultimately, Monaica was a key component of us making our touchdown. I highly recommend if you are building your brand online, offline and strategic moves and increasing your reach and impacting your audience that you add Monaica to your team.

Todd R. Tresidder

Financial Coach

I tried several copywriters when developing my 7 Steps To 7 Figures sales letter, but just couldn’t get it right. One was too salesy, another was too bossy and difficult to work with, another couldn’t get the voice of my brand right. I felt like Goldilocks and the 3 bears until I worked with Monaica. She was the one who got everything just right.

Rick Day

The Self-Built Way

After 25+ years of being a CEO building companies, I had been so focused on scaling and building, that I really wasn’t aware of what others thought of me. After the sale of my company, and as I transitioned into business coaching, I became acutely aware that humility – one of the best traits of a successful leader – isn’t an effective marketing tool for an aspiring coach! Monaica and the Truth Hacking team dug deep, and uncovered a powerful success story that I didn’t see. They have told it in a way that doesn’t make me look pompous and arrogant – which I’m not. Her attention to the tiniest nuances, tireless interviewing, creative vision, and commitment to stay true to my values speaks volumes about her capabilities and the quality of her end product. I move forward now with a new brand identity and self-view that I would not have discovered had it not been for Truth Hacking.

Ron Nash

Internationally Recognized “Linkedin Whisperer”

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Monaica for another client she was working with and by the end of this process I hired her for myself.

One of the things that I have found in our several months of interaction is that she gives her whole heart to anything that she does. I mean that she OVER DELIVERS!!!

She is worth so much more than the money I pay her, which is why I hope that if you are reading this and have a need for her services, that you won’t hesitate about hiring Monaica.

It is a pleasure and an honor to have her in my life and on my team of consultants who support my success.

Andrew Gottlieb

Founder/CEO of No Typical Moments

I was thoroughly impressed by Monaica’s work during our collaboration with Motivating the Masses. Within an extremely short period of time, Monaica completely overhauled the online marketing strategy which ultimately led to the conference being a sell out. Under her guidance, I felt very confident running the Facebook ads because the backend of the sales funnel was well put together. I’m looking forward to more collaborations in the future!

Jaime Masters


Monaica is my secret weapon. I already have a pretty strong brand but I don’t feel like I convey what I could have been all along. She is able to explain what I want to say – WAY BETTER THAN I CAN EVER SAY IT. She is in my head and can make things sound like me, in an amazing down to earth yet highly convertible way. I have referred a ton of people her way and they all message me later and say thank you because they love her so much!

Allyson Byrd

In 2 hours of working with Monaica, the truth of who I was that I’d hidden since I was a little girl exploded out of me and came to life in a way I never would have imagined.

As a result of launching my new brand, messaging and programs to the world — I created three new revenue streams which will result in $90,000 in additional revenues quarter over quarter. The return on investment is surpassing my expectations and my team can’t imagine launching a product without Truth Hacking at the helm.

Natalie Sisson

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I turned to Monaica to work her magic for my Freedom Plan launch and capture the heart and essence behind my program and the vision I had for it. I found it so refreshing to work with Monaica who cared deeply about the success of my launch (which ended up being my best launch yet) and also about the message I wanted to put across.

She crafted an amazing sales page and series of email autoresponders during the 2 week launch period that captured peoples’ hopes and desires and helped convince and convert clients to take the program. I especially liked how versatile and accessible Monaica was and how she worked with me during the launch to adapt and optimize my launch campaign.

Her strategic mind and experience with major launches was invaluable and she went over and above the copywriting contract I hired her for. I felt like I had a business partner and wingwoman supporting my desires to make this program the best ever offering. I can’t wait to work with Monaica on future launches and the next round of the Freedom Plan.

Jenenne R. Macklin

Spirit and Riches™ Guide & Coach / Speaker

Truth Hacking has been a life saver for my business! Monaica was a highly recommended referral after another company had not been able to fulfill their contract and left me frazzled and frustrated. Monaica brought her genius, wisdom and gentle spirit to the project and killed it!! She was able to do something that many had not been able to do – capture my brand identity. Monaica captured the brilliance, magic and depth of my brand and brought it to life. Her team managed the creation and development of my website and marketing materials. When you want the BEST, creative genius, results and a committed team member, you want Truth Hacking. I have nothing but HIGH Praise for Monaica and look forward to working with her again.

Sheri Riley

Celebrity Life Coach and The Peace Activator™

Every time I secured a new person for my creative team, I confirmed a conference call with Monaica so she could share MY vision with the new team member!!! That’s the brilliance of Monaica and her unique ability to deliver a big vision with clarity and impact. Her direction and input quickly became the “roadmap” that allowed me to up level my brand and achieve my creative goals.

Michael Griffin

Co-Founder/Managing Partner at LightFire Partners, LLC

“Finding someone who has a true command of social media, its benefits to your agency’s bottomline, and can take your clients’ entire online marketing strategy to the next level is hard to find. I found these traits in Monaica Ledell. Monaica is an exceptional online marketing strategist who is full of tried-and-true ideas on how to take a brand to the next level and deliver! Her experience in a variety of verticals makes her an ideal catch for any organization that wants to take things up a notch. I’m happy to have Monaica in my professional network and I know she is someone I would recommend to other colleagues each and every time. Smart, successful, hardworking, and a producer, Monaica truly does ‘build empires.’”

Meg Weinkauf

The Faithful Leader™

Three words: Hire Truth Hacking. I promise you will not be disappointed. Working with Monaica, Andrew and the entire Truth Hacking team has been instrumental in launching me to the next level. These people have changed my life for the better. I honestly can say The Faithful Leader would have never been possible without the amazing work done by the Truth Hacking team. Monaica pushed me to greatness, and continues to push me in ways that make me better, stronger, and more confident. She has this insane ability to pull out the greatness in her clients and communicate it to the world. Andrew, dude is amazingly talented at website design. He rocks! Both Monaica and Andrew are incredibly gifted and the nicest people ever! They are generous, kind, and above all, they help people step into their calling. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and hope to work with them for many years to come.

Jessica Kinsey

Prodigy & Co.

Working with Monaica was an amazing experience. Her process was so in depth and thorough, it brought out aspects of my work and business that I didn’t even realize were there. She finds a way to take the best of you and use the perfect words to tell your story so that your dream clients know exactly why and how you can help them. If you want to level up your business positioning, Monaica is the one to get you there.

Tiffany King


Working with Monaica turned out to have a much bigger impact on my business than just the new sales page we were working on. She pulled out and clarified various aspects of my products that I hadn’t taken the time to explain or fully realize. The result is a better sales page and improved product offerings. Monaica knows how to hone in on the essentials and get that message across to potential customers. Fantastic experience!

Carly Vivian

Expert Change Strategist for Powerful Leaders, www.tuningwithin.com

Monaica Ledell is a GENIUS when it comes to strategic branding!

After communicating the same branded message for my change strategy consulting practice for more than 10 years, my brand was definitely stale. I had the privilege of working with Monaica to redefine my brand and create a clear message and tag line. Through Monaica’s in-depth process, she got to know not only how I present myself to others but even more importantly, who I truly am inside. She coupled this insight with amazing creativity and created my new branding. It’s fresh, it’s on-target, it’s original and it’s perfect for me!

I highly recommend Monaica, her work and her team!

Sue Relihan

Find Serenity & Empowerment

Monaica Ledell is an excellent copywriter and product development expert. From the first moment we talked I could tell she understood the vision I had for my home study product. She helped me create a vessel that carries my message in a way I could never have done alone. Monaica is not only intelligent and articulate; she is intuitive and heart-centered. She is a rare commodity in today’s face-paced chaotic world. I highly recommend hiring her for your next project.

I highly recommend Monaica, her work and her team!

JB Owen

Millionaire Entrepreneur and Found of Q Event

Monaica Ledell is truly inspiring to work with. She takes extreme pride in her work and delves deep into getting to know yours. She was masterful in helping create my message and truly took the time to understand what I wanted my customers to hear. She is dedicated, hardworking and enjoyable to work with. She designed more for than I expected and truly went the extra mile. I love her style, finesse and personality and I look forward to many more projects together.

Suzanne Mulroy

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Truth Hacking. I hired them at a time in my life when I needed help branding myself and crafting my public image. Their process clearly identified who I was at my core and I still marvel at how they “got me” more than I “got myself.” When my life took an unexpected turn and we had to switch gears temporarily, they didn’t even bat an eyelash, they jumped in and helped me launch a blog called Undoing Cancer. When you hire Truth Hacking you are not hiring a “company” you are joining a team of people who are dedicated to identifying what makes you unique and then they work with you to bring it to the market place.

Robyn Vogel

The Come Back To Love™ Coach

“I was struggling with my message and brand. People were only seeing “Tantra” and not the whole story of who I truly am and how I serve in the world. Clearly something needed to change! As a result of my work with Monaica, I now have a fully aligned message, look and feel to my website and language that deeply resonates with who I am. As a result, my practice is full after many years of just surviving. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Nicole Robinson

Millionaire Entrepreneur & Creator of Divine Purpose School

Monaica, words cannot fully express my gratitude. You took the trials and truimps of my life and made sense of them. Your passion and dedication to your work shows. You seamlessly pulled back the layers and told my story from the inside out. Thank you for creating a brand that I can be proud of.

Heather Lindemenn

Working with Monaica Ledell and the Truth Hacking team was an answer to a BIG prayer. I couldn’t do it myself, I couldn’t write about myself and I had no clue how to brand myself. Monaica is like a chameleon: she became me, spoke my language and because she isn’t me was able to see what I can’t: the FUTURE… The future of my brand, the future of my offerings and the future of my bank account. Monaica delivered to me my FUTURE. The process was exciting, scary and ultimately liberating. I am FOREVER grateful to Monaica and her team. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Dr. Venus Opal Reese

“Monaica is a freakin’ GENIUS!!”

Monaica’s brain is wired for wealth. Her ability to listen and hear your brand (your message, your voice so clearly) creates a clear pathway to manifesting your dreams. I hired Monaica when another resource had pulled out and left me high and dry. Monaica and team swooped in and saved the day—literally. I then hired her for pure strategy for my live event. She took her time and brought me a beautiful, high-end presentation that I NEVER would have considered, which inspired me to trust myself and my tribe. Then I hired her AGAIN to have her keen strategic eye on the implementation of her genius for my live event. She is a team player and goes above and beyond what’s asked. But more than anything, Monaica is a woman of profound personal integrity and generosity of heart. I feel respected, championed, and celebrated when working with her–and I make BIG money to the tune of a 6-figure+ launch. With her on my team, strategically guiding the ship I feel confident and cared for. Thank you Monaica for bringing your genius to my dreams. I win… because of you.

Shayna Rattler

Founder, CorporateAttraction.com

Truth Hacking has been the best thing that has happened to my business in a long time. I have struggled with my brand identity for years and they not only created a new one, but nailed it! Their copywriting brought my message to life in a way that was clear and succinct yet in my own voice. Beyond their traditional branding and marketing services, they even project managed my website and marketing materials for the new brand with such grace and ease. They are amazing to work with and I see them being part of my team for years to come.

Nicole Roberts Jones

The Inner Catalyst™

“It is hard to describe in words the genius of Monaica Ledell!!! I have been doing this work for over 20 years and I have never been able to quite capture so precisely what I do. She has been able to bring to life all of the yummy, juicy goodness inside me. So much so I get choked up when I read about me and many of my clients who have worked with me for over 10 years have said to me, ‘now that is exactly what you did for me.’ Thank you Monaica for giving a voice to my work and allowing others to see on the outside, all thats light me on fire within. You are a TRUE gift!!!!”

Shontaye Hawkins

Business Success Coach | Speaker, ProfitIsTheNewBlack.com

Monaica is the absolute BEST! If you want your brand and the work you do to reflect the TRUTH of who you really are, then hire Monaica. Her process is amazing. Her knowledge mind blowing. The results priceless. Working with Monaica has been and continues to be a game changer for me and my business. She’s more than an expert. She’s a GENIUS and an absolute joy to work with.

Toni T. Ellis

Soul Sparker and Clarity Coach, SoulSparking.com

“It was truly the best professional experience I have had thus far with culminating my brand. Monaica is insightful, patient, and persistent at hacking through the surface of things in order to unearth the untold story of one’s genius. Andrew makes the most difficult of tasks seem attainable for the technologically inept client. Their team of “truth-hackers” were fast and friendly, but most of all fully capable of accomplishing the mission of Truth Hacking. By far, this was the greatest investment I’ve made to improve my overall business.

Thank you for shining light on my brand, helping me to grow my glow, and assisting me with discovering, accepting, and embracing my truth!”

Mitzi Beach

Interior Design, Boomer-specific Design and Life Design guru

“In targeting the very savvy Baby Boomer demographic, my brand had to be both powerful and sincere. With the help of my ‘A-Team’ (Monaica and Andrew), I’ve established myself as a national presence, including speaking gigs at prominent events. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to break through the noise and get real results to call them now.”

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Sports psychologist and Mindset Coach to Olympic Gold Medalists

“As an NBC-TV OLYMPICS expert guest, Your Performing Edge #1 best-selling author, Stanford trained sports psychologist, professional speaker, coach to OLYMPIC Gold Medalists, and SF Marathon winner, I look to Monaica and Andrew Ledell as one of the leading, most up-to-date online marketing consulting experts, whom I depend upon for creating the professional image I need for my speaking engagements, media appearances and product launches. Monaica and Andrew Ledell are both a tremendous support and inspiration in their consulting and training for me in my Olympic On-Site coaching, my professional development, speaking, coaching, national media expert interviews, and athletic career.

Because of my work with Monaica and Andrew Ledell, my book, Sports Psychology Coaching for Your Performing Edge is a #1 Best seller on Amazon.

If you have a chance to work with Monaica and Andrew Ledell, do it sign up for their consulting/training NOW. I receive tremendous value from their consulting and feedback every day. They take each business relationship seriously, they teach you how to communicate extremely well to your target audience through your books, webinars and websites, and build a very profitable business as a result of your marketing.

I cannot say enough great things about Monaica and Andrew Ledell and their training and consulting – highly recommended!”

Ellen Rogin

Wealth and prosperity expert, Abundance Activist™, women and money authority, author and speaker

“Monaica Ledell is the best! It is not often that I hire someone and they exceed my expectations – Monaica blows me away with her marketing savvy and quick response. She delivered so much more than I expected and made my project a breeze. Best of all she made me look like a superstar with my audience!”

Nancy Michaels

America’s Most Sought-After Fortune 500 Consultant; Speaker; Author; Reinvention Expert

“Monaica Ledell is a master at seeing and sharing your story with integrity and authenticity. She has helped me tremendously to create an effective platform and position my services to help others to attract and retain (high-end) clients who seek me out as a result of her advice and copywriting talents.”

Wendy Rodgers

Senior Director of Client Services at Lightfire Partners, LLC

“After knowing Monaica only a short while, I’m confident that hers will be a name that will come up in many future discussions as a go-to for all things Social!

Her style is calm, yet thorough. Asking the right questions to build on the client’s vision and delivering an always-better-than-expected solution…with a smile.

Monaica has a tendency to think outside of the box, suggesting new, fresh ideas that often provide improved results. She’s smart both in knowledge and work ethic, using her resources wisely and staying a proactive one-step-ahead in most situations.

Challenge her with a difficult task and she will complete it with ease and accuracy. Give her a simple task and she will take it to the next level.

She is a true gem and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Anna Cole

CPCC, ACC, Certified Wellness Coach for Busy Mothers

“If you are interested in growing your business call Monaica. Her marketing expertise, experience and knowledge as well as her motivational personality are the key to your success.”


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