We are a philosophical bunch. We believe in market disruption and shaking things up. We know that vulnerability is just one tiny step in a much bigger picture of being real and genuine – that truth trumps all. Even love starts with the truth first, so saddle up for some reality. We take to operating in as real and honest a setting as we can – for your sake and ours!

Here are some of the things we think are downright swell.

1) Outer Space
2) Antique stores
3) Saving the bees
4) You
5) Tarantino
6) Golden Oldies (50s-70s)
7) America
8) Freedom
9) Kansas
10) Saving the pandas
11) Interesting socks
12) 90s alternative rock
13) Meditation
14) Saving the rainforests
15) Elvis
16) Gandalf
17) Tornadoes
18) Anything with a fiddle and/or a banjo
19) Kentucky Bluegrass (the music and the seed)
20) Amazon free 2-day shipping
21) Hip Hop + violins
22) The 80/20 rule
23) Finding a home for every dog
24) Feeding the poor
25) Creating swag
26) Finely written literature
27) Documentaries
28) Dang quesadil-las
29) Organic food
30) Iced tea (all kinds)
31) Sailing
32) Chivalry
33) Paying for the car behind you in the drive thru
34) Falling in love. Hard.
35) Saving the world
36) Frodo

We write because we are a group of dreamers.

We write epics and sagas in our head on the way from the couch to the kitchen sink. Every leaf that falls in autumn gets a eulogy. We still think we’re going to turn the corner at the grocery store, crash into the love of our life, pick ourselves up and the glass from the broken jar so we can share olives and a sunset on the tailgate of our truck. It might be a problem, but we just can’t help it.

So we write. We believe in the reader-writer kinship and we respect the practice. Sometimes we want to elaborate on a business idea, sometimes we just need to get rid of the words storming in our minds. Sometimes we just need to riff or write a poem. There isn’t anything to buy except who we are and what moves us.

For romantics like us, it was the journey to truth that led us to our brand. We will help you find your truth, with truth. Our clients consist of experts, authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, veteran business owners and newcomers to the field. What do they have in common? Besides a commitment to creating movements and doing incredible things on our planet, they’re fair and genuine folks with a desire to shake things up. Now that’s our kind of people.

A good story can stick with a person for a very long time. Maybe your parents used to tell you exaggerated stories about their childhood dogs. Or some dude at a gas station explains, in graphically heartfelt detail, how he watched a bird fight its way across a street with a broken wing. Your neighbor stops you to talk about the tornado that took out his uncle’s ranch. Life is full of wonder. Everything that happens to us – whether we’re seeing the struggle of the bird or hearing about it – it shapes our lives in one way or another. It affects us.

You’re the writer of your own life…you choose how the story ends and everything that happens in between. You’ve got control over the direction, path, the dénouement or lack thereof. But the best story isn’t the one with the best form or even the one with the best content. Being the best is about baring your soul to the world and holding its attention in focus. Content and form count for a lot, but you can’t put a number on heart.

It’s our duty to make the world better and bring more joy to people’s lives.

We have a very sincere respect for tradition and heritage. Where we come from and why we’re here are important questions to ask. The blood coursing in our veins has a purpose. It fuels the heart that let’s us use our soul. For the things the men and women have sacrificed for us – our ancestors and countrymen – we owe it to the nation and the world to improve, to get just a little bit better each day so that we can give the next generation a foundation built on a truth and resolve that will last.

We know why people don’t get traction even if they’re taking all the right actions. It has nothing to do with not being good enough or smart enough. Nice guys DO NOT finish last in our book. So if you’ve ever felt the frustration of spinning your wheels, watching imposters and jerks pass you by, here’s our advice:

Take things off-road. Become massively successful. Be kind to yourself and others. And remember: the best revenge is sweet revenge…honey under their door handle.