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I currently own a very unconventional branding and sales positioning company for speakers, authors, experts, consultants and bad ass genius entrepreneurs who want to improve their national platform or Go Global. I’ve helped my clients create close to 10 million dollars online. I’m a high-converting copywriter, and I spent about a decade in the launch world, launching products and programs–everything from free to 2K event tickets to 100K year-long coaching programs. And I get to work with the coolest clients on the planet. There’s no doubt about it.


Lisa Nichols, Motivating the Masses (Star of the Hit Movie The Secret)
Monaica is truly world class in the area of digital marketing, reaching our clients online and moving them to conversion and taking action. We brought her in to serve as a pinch hitter in a crunch and she exceeded our expectations on every level. Her commitment to our clients was truly inspiring and mind blowing. She instantly took on every challenge as if it were her own and ran with the ball. Ultimately, Monaica was a key component of us making our touchdown. I highly recommend if you are building your brand online, offline and strategic moves and increasing your reach and impacting your audience that you add Monaica to your team.

Jaime Tardy,
Monaica is my secret weapon. I already have a pretty strong brand but I don’t feel like I convey what I could have been all along. She is able to explain what I want to say – WAY BETTER THAN I CAN EVER SAY IT. She is in my head and can make things sound like me, in an amazing down to earth yet highly convertible way. I have referred a ton of people her way and they all message me later and say thank you because they love her so much!

Sheri Riley, Celebrity Life Coach and The Peace Activator™
Every time I secured a new person for my creative team, I confirmed a conference call with Monaica so she could share MY vision with the new team member!!! That’s the brilliance of Monaica and her unique ability to deliver a big vision with clarity and impact. Her direction and input quickly became the “roadmap” that allowed me to up level my brand and achieve my creative goals.

Tiffany King,
Working with Monaica turned out to have a much bigger impact on my business than just the new sales page we were working on. She pulled out and clarified various aspects of my products that I hadn’t taken the time to explain or fully realize. The result is a better sales page and improved product offerings. Monaica knows how to hone in on the essentials and get that message across to potential customers. Fantastic experience!
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