Lisa Nichols

Motivating the Masses
(Star of the Hit Movie The Secret)
“From only 25% sold to SOLD OUT on her signature event in just 8 weeks”

Brand: Motivating the Masses

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Lisa Nichols

Motivating the Masses (Star of the Hit Movie The Secret)

Monaica is truly world class in the area of digital marketing, reaching our clients online and moving them to conversion and taking action. We brought her in to serve as a pinch hitter in a crunch and she exceeded our expectations on every level. Her commitment to our clients was truly inspiring and mind blowing. She instantly took on every challenge as if it were her own and ran with the ball. Ultimately, Monaica was a key component of us making our touchdown. I highly recommend if you are building your brand online, offline and strategic moves and increasing your reach and impacting your audience that you add Monaica to your team.


Take Lisa’s passion for working on humanitarian aid projects and place her at the very front and center of the services she offers, to reassert her into her passion for helping others deal with their daily troubles, no matter how big or small.


Lisa called me before and when we first talked, she had only reached a quarter of her goal. She described her problem – this was a signature event and HUGE multi-seven-figure event. Needless to say, she need a digital strategy and sales turnaround expert.

Our Strategy

Sales Strategy #1

After my initial inspection of her sales and marketing data, I quickly realized that Lisa’s list, while big, was fatigued. They had been hit up with a lot of repetitive messages over the last 6 months. Her targeting strategies needed to be shaken up in order to rapidly increase engagement from her list. In response to this, we developed a seven-day “Million Dollar Power Week” where participants could wake up each day for a week and be coached personally by Lisa Nichols which both increased feedback from her list while also allowing her to personally engage with her clients in a more thoughtful way.

Sales Strategy #2

We initiated a very fast outbound sales team to help give away free money breakthrough sessions. This bridged the gap between online and offline, which we identified as a growing problem in her marketing structure. By placing herself and her team on the front lines of the services she offers, she was re-energized in the public sphere and in her own personal mission to help others struggling with self-development.

Sales Strategy #3

We maintained our approach of pushing Lisa back into the spotlight of her business and waited until the very end to do a final push for virtual tickets (in the last 14 weeks, with the heaviest focus in the last 7 days before the event). WHAT EVENT??

The result

We had over 8,000 people worldwide signup for the event. It was easy and exciting for affiliates to promote. There were over 3,000 tweets. The event sold out of physical seating. We oversold on virtual tickets. The event was a huge success. Facebook page blew up and #lisanichols #powerweek and #milliondollarpowerweek become trending topics on Facebook. Since then, Lisa has remained firmly back in the spotlight of her market and target audience.

Bonus Result

Sandra Yancey and eWomen Network duplicated the idea and had over 9,000 people and 25,000 tweets to help support fulfillment of their annual event and create massive engagement leading up to their event.


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