Brand Consulting

Custom launch design and consulting

If you’re looking to launch your new product, course, live event, webinar, freebie to your list and don’t have a clue how you’re going to hit your goals, it might be time to hire a launch consultant.

No two launches are the same and if you want to get the highest conversions, you can NOT use an off-the-shelf solution and some “launch blueprint” and expect it to fit all of your needs and hit your revenue goals. Oh, if only life were that sweet…

In a previous life and a previous business, Monaica Ledell, Chief Dreamer and President of Truth Hacking, has designed and run many multi-million dollar launches (and some tiny ones too). She’s sold out live events, marketed everything from products, programs, freebies and webinars (7k signups all day baby), all the way to personally selling high ticket items like $100,000 annual coaching programs for her clients.

While she has retired from launch management (note that she could be swayed if the price were right), she does consult with high-level entrepreneurs who are looking to kill it on their next and every online launch.

Monaica will meet with you, discuss your goals, evaluate your current assets and liabilities that may affect your launch. Then she’ll go back to her cave to design the very best sales and marketing strategy for your big launch. She’ll present it, allow you to ask questions and get clarity on how to implement your plan with ease. You’ll leave with step-by-step instructions and a real working plan.

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