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We are a creative army here to serve you.

At our very core, we are storytellers. And there’s not one gal or guy behind the scenes. We work together as your very own creative army. Every single member of our team plays a role in the copywriting and branding process. So you get a better, more pure product. You could call us CopyBranders™. We go about things this way so we can slingshot each other’s ideas to an intergalactic state of awesomeness.

Branding and sales positioning expert Monaica Ledell can talk about the $10 million in revenue she’s helped generate for clients (…like world-renowned personal development speaker, best-selling author and Oprah guest Lisa Nichols, Jaime Masters, host of one of the most popular entrepreneurial podcasts on iTunes, and Celebrity Life Coach Sheri Riley whose clients include Usher and Dolvett Quince).

She can talk about creating highly profitable, disruptive campaigns and brands, like the Corporate Attraction™ brand (which got aquired six weeks after going live), and American Dog Rescue’s “You Rescue Me,” management of their national social campaign and organic fan base build of over 15,000 (before Facebook ads became a thing).

She can talk about years in the business trenches, honing her marketing, copywriting, and sales chops to the point that’s made her a leading sales and branding expert. Her gift is in merging creativity and profit–something few branders have experience in doing–and in only working with clients who are doing good things in the world to make it a better place.

But what she really wants to talk about is the truth. Yours. And the world’s.

“There’s a coach, author, speaker, CEO and new startup on every corner. It’s far too easy to blend in to the competitive world of beige or become an instant knock off, but that never works. The truest version of you is the ONLY thing that will work out there.”

Not surprising, then, that she named her parent company “Truth Hacking.” She’d had it with the inauthentic, the misleading, all the surface-level marketing that most companies embrace. The posers who claim they’re being honest and vulnerable. It was time to give value-based companies and world-changing good entrepreneurs another path to truth-telling.

Whether it’s coaching ambitious femmepreneurs learn the art of Inuitive Selling™ through to bring in an additional $10K-$25K in revenue this month (so more women can buy more time to spend at home with her toddler), or helping a seven-figure powerhouse fill 9000 seats in an online event and create $3 million dollars in just 8 weeks, Monaica’s going to roll up her sleeves, break out the shovel, and dig deep into what makes her clients tick as people and as business owners.

Welcome to the land of disruption. Where incredibly talented entrepreneurs get clear on their gifts and Monaica helps the world make sense of their genius.

From a history of bootstrapped organic entrepreneurship, she understands the ins-and-outs of brand building with the real gritty life details that most entrepreneurs think they have to keep secret. If you want to roll in her world you’ve got to be ready to hear it straight. With a history growing up & helping out in an entrepreneurial family–and spending over a decade revealing to hundreds of entrepreneurs the things they thought they had to hide were the very things that would set their businesses on fire, she knows that real people want the truth.

“A brand is NOT your logo. It’s not your website. Or your hair color. Most marketers (sadly) don’t even know what to do to create a conversion or sale. Branding builders are NOT brand identifiers. High-level funnel experts will tell you the most important thing in creating your sales funnel–your brand. All brands should be designed from a Profit Potential standpoint. Without that front and center, what are we doing?”

So get ready for Brands That Makes Bank™. Gear up for a story that makes your ideal customer fall at your feet. She’ll give you the straight scoop on how you can earn more, keep more, and become insanely profitable. She’ll teach you how to sell yourself and your stuff in a way that’s so authentic it won’t feel like selling. She’ll help you present the most honest  version of yourself and your brand online so that your ideal customers can form a tribe that follow your work from start-up to gamechanging success. It’s time to change the world through your truth.

An experienced author, speaker, and expert guest, Monaica inspires audiences and readers with candid observations, laser-sharp insight, and a wealth of professional experience. Previous media mentions include Marie Claire,, MSNBC and top podcast Entrepreneur On Fire.

If you’re ready for disruptive sales positioning–to move From Beige To Red Hot™–and exponentially create revenue in your business, get on her calendar.

Monaica is available for keynotes, speaking engagements, interviews, and guest blogging opportunities. Her areas of expertise include branding, sales, life balance for moms, sales for women, and disruptive online marketing – all from a fresh perspective.

For media inquiries, please contact or call 316-202-0754.

Concise and targeted—these are the two most important words in Andrew Ledell’s copywriting dictionary. His “less is more” approach to writing and meticulous editing was established and nurtured by many tough but loving professors at the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications during his stay at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Andrew’s professional copywriting experience has run the gamut from print jobs like direct mailers, brochures and rack cards to television and radio scripts, email marketing, social media posts and beyond.

Though Andrew graduated from journalism school, began his career as a writer and editor and still loves that work, he is also a seasoned project manager and tireless learner of new technology. In other words, Chief Geek is his long-awaited true calling.

Andrew’s mix of project management skills, unwavering commitment, online marketing street smarts, country boy charm and a deep bench of talented, creative team members makes him uniquely qualified to make your biz look kick-ass, both online and off.

He’s an expert at using and (perhaps most importantly) troubleshooting all of today’s most common and most powerful tech, including WordPress website development, building the technical framework of lead generation and email marketing funnels, podcasting setup and much more.

Kayla is our Renaissance woman. She’s a master Truth Hacker™, couponista, and party planner. She wins the hearts of everyone she meets, makes friends easier than a bird flying south for the winter, and is hands-down the most charitable person we know. She also married her high school sweetheart and is a devout vegetarian. Having worked as a professional psychological interviewer for over a decade, you could say she likes to talk…and could do so in sign language if the situation presented itself. She’s always searching for that heart of gold – trying to find the tick to a person’s tock with the talk behind their walk.

She’s a huge Law & Order buff, hates mathematics, and loves the arts. Why? Because she doesn’t believe the world is that black and white. Her trust in the unknown (and her kids) remind her that there is always something new around the corner.

While she does indeed love a good quote, she also appreciates the understated parts of life.

A born and bred Kansan and three-time pie eating champ, Kyle supports all things Midwestern. He has an obsession with rural America and a devoted love of oldies music. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a degree in Creative Writing, he opted out of graduate school to have some long overdue spine surgery. His only regret is graduating so quickly.

His advice to any current college students: slow down, find a chiropractor you can actually trust, stay in school forever, and hang onto your favorite t-shirts until marriage.

He has spent time studying abroad in Scotland and England, and will always make that regional distinction. He wants to ride a train across the USA, run a farm, and eventually settle down on a vineyard of his own. At Truth Hacking, Kyle is the head storyteller.