Remember when you were a little one? And you first played with a pair of magnets?

Faced the right way–they’d cling to one another. CLLL-ACK.

And then you flipped them around–and they repelled one another. GETBACK.

The same goes for entrepreneurship…when you’re building your brand–the approaches you take to getting followers, leads, clients, and stalkers will either repel people or magnetically attract them.

When you’re building your brand, the approaches you take will either repel people or magnetically attract them.Click To Tweet

Today’s focus? How to Build a Magnetic Brand.

I mean, c’mon, we all want to be magnetic. We all want to sound like Tony and know like Oprah…

And we all want to develop a brand that people want to follow.

One that is unstoppable.
One that is unmissable.
One that is unending.

What does that look like–exactly?

We all want to develop a brand that people want to follow.Click To Tweet

A brand that makes people STOP and double-take…?
Something that freaks you out…?
The Stuff of viral videos…?
The Inspiration for memes…?

A magnetic brand is about bringing the consumer into you, toward you, within your orbit so close that there is no resistance. Nothing is off-putting. Nothing is shady. Nothing is weird or cloaked.

It’s not like you can’t sell shampoo because someone’s already doing that…
Or that you can’t create a profitable organic popsicle…
Or that the razor space is too occupied…

By offering something different than the world is giving them–you’re giving people something to want. It’s the indescribable factor that people hone in on…

The one that makes you STAND OUT from even the most successful shampoos or popsicles or whatever it is you’re trying to contribute to the world.

Achieving this, this–THING–doesn’t necessarily come from copy or packaging, the look of the box or the slickness of the website…

It comes from EVERYTHING YOU DO.

Every single piece of your brand must work together into a consistent pool of magnetism, so that your followers can get deeper and deeper and deeper into your atmosphere, and they can really feel and understand the culture that this brand is creating.

In order to stand out in a magnetic way–you first have to stand out in an authentic way.

What sets a magnetic brand apart from all the others? You’re literally bringing the client into YOUR life…

You don’t make it hard for customers to approach your world and explore it and see what it’s all about…

There are no obstacles to overcome to get their either…

It’s a clear, open, and direct path from the outside-in. No hub-bub. No confusion. No tricks and no bricks.

It’s just…CLLL–ACK.

And that means that your brand needs to be totally consistent in every way. From your site design, to your copywriting, to your images, and your content. And it doesn’t stop there…

Don’t make it hard for customers to approach your world and explore it.Click To Tweet

Think: customer service, response times, freebies, products, campaigns, emails–everything involved in your brand!

I once had a teapot that I loved. The mesh tea-leaf screen broke (I used it A LOT), and it was a sad day. The house smelled different, I had trouble waking up, and I longed to hear my favorite morning whistle. So I called the company–they answer immediately–and that week I received a new screen in the mail for free.

Now, it sounds like small potatoes…but I already loved their tea, their pots, their craftsmanship and their brand. But when I realized that their customer service is cut from the same cloth, managed with the same attention and care as their products–the magnetism only grew stronger.

Why would I buy from anyone else when I know exactly how trustworthy and dependable this company is…?

If that, that–THING–isn’t instilled in every single aspect of your brand…the magnetism won’t work.
If their customer service department had been assholes to me, charged me out the whazoo, or tried to up-sell me like CRAZY, I probably would’ve just gone local and bought a new teapot from somewhere I can follow up with in person…but they didn’t do any of that.

When it comes to magnetism, it isn’t about giving people a BIG reason to come to you. It’s about giving them a reason–and sticking to it in every, single way. From your craftsmanship to your showmanship to your service work–when you truly, unabashedly back up your oath, your pledge, your blurb and “WHY ME”…

When you really clll-ack with a customer…

You become magnetic. And you stop having to pursue new leads from the outside…

They come to you–and they never leave.