Ladies! and Gentlemen,

Joining The Dark Side never helped anyone.

I’ve been crushing on some good people for quite some time now, and I’m not ashamed.

I’m pretty damn inspired.

Presenting: The 40 Most Influential Personal Brands In The Universe RIGHT NOW.

So let’s talk about success, babyyy.

Personal branding is home to the most unique branch of entrepreneurs. After all, we live in the Golden Age of Information, where if you have the guts, the tools, and the vision to become an expert at something, learning your way to success has never been easier. You can hack a personal brand, but you can’t buy one…

You gotta be you. You gotta be good. And you gotta be awesome.

It’s time to praise the heroes, the vulnerable and unafraid. A nod, a wink, a kiss blown to the Cowgirls and -boys that stick to the hustle of their hearts and show us how stupid we look when we swing fists at the universe. It takes a lot of faith to follow through against all the gangs of petty little, teeny, tiny, incy, wincy, critics and cynics of the world.

This one goes out to all the good ones. The beacons of positive energy and quality work. Your martian ways are exactly what the world needs right now. So please keep on stirring souls and hearting out on the world, cause #youcompleteme.

  1. Marie ForleoMarie Forleo: Truth be told, she had me at her killer music videos. Famous blogger, teacher, bestselling author, entrepreneur, powerhouse behind MarieTV – she does it all. Her genius is in her ability to have fun, her desire to help others, and to live outright passionately. This is a woman full of class and hustle. Tough-nosed advice for the hardworking entrepreneur, without guilting you into anything, Marie Forleo combines copywriting, attraction, and business into one super sexy and super successful brand true to herself and her wonderful personality.
  2. Sarah JenksSarah Jenks: Challenging the world to worry less about what they look like and more about how they feel, Sarah Jenks is a beautiful warrior for the down and out, the sick and tired, and the hopeless wanderers. With the Live More, Weigh Less Lifestyle, she helps women “stop waiting on the weight” and start living life in all its glory. The universe needs people who tell us IT’S OKAY to be not-okay. Sarah is the best in the biz because she preaches what she teaches, and she knows how to not lose your mind, hurt your body, or risk your soul. Deeply ahead of her time, a girl’s best truth-telling friend, Sarah Jenks is a force every woman should know.
  3. Tim FerrissTim Ferriss: Tim–the guy that changed everything for me, showed me how to work from virtually anywhere in the world almost a decade ago, who insisted I get my first personal assistant and absolutely ruined my wardrobe, Gosh I love you. Everybody knows the man behind the Four-Hour Work Week / Chef / Body. But it isn’t his intellect or NY-Times Bestseller status that makes him such a badass. He walks the walk and talks the talk – and he never stops. When he writes about “experimenting on yourself”, he’s coming from a place of personal hacking experience. He has actually tried all the crazy things he suggests. And then he’s taken that success and converted it into aggressively awesome angel investments like Uber and Duolingo (which teaches foreign language while simultaneously helping translate language barriers out the web) – #blownmind. And just when you think he can’t do any more, he’s suddenly halfway across the world, making our eyes widen and smiles brighten. By land, sea, or sky, through blog, podcast, or Periscope, we thank you for shattering expectations and showing us that we can do things differently, that we can be better and that our worlds can orbit more efficiently. We love you, TFerr.
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk
    Gary Vaynerchuk: Professional speaker, venture capitalist, angel investor, oh and the genius behind Wine Library. His YouTube channel is like entrepreneurial espresso. What’s not to like about the Gar-Bear? Check out the #AskGaryVee podcast for Crush It mind-stimulation. If this doesn’t peak your interest, his YouTube channel will sell you in a matter of minutes. The newest addition to his endless content sharing: #DailyVee, a daily vlog that showcases just how much he puts his mind toward a daily, epic grind. I imagine his level of productivity is at least 20X the average entrepreneur.
  5. Mark CubanMark Cuban: The Cube! Who doesn’t love this guy? Mavs owner, Shark Tank beast, candidly knowledgeable voice of the NBA, and wildly successful entrepreneur. A true-blue grassroots guy, Mark’s been building and selling companies since college. Why do you think the NBA (and other pro leagues) ask his advice so often? Because his opinions aren’t selfish, he believes in good work, done the right way, and usually by way of his trademark akimbo finger ponder. In that way, he’s become much more than just a billionaire. He’s someone we trust because we know he’ll stick to his gut and give us shameless (and damn good) business advice. Thanks for doing your homework, Mark.
  6. Taylor Swift: This girl is far more than a teeny bopper idol. I’ve attended two of her concerts with my oldest child and they were both incredible. And mostly, I’m grateful she’s still a worthy influence for my little girls (and hasn’t gone crazy). In order to understand Taylor’s brand and swift influence on the world, just look at the current state of country music. Modern country music has more pop in it than a cola factory, the beaty chorus, the fast pace, in many most ways it’s lost its hallmark country twang and charm. Even though she began her career in this genre, she was smart enough and reflective enough to realize that she wasn’t merely a modern country star – she was a pop superstar. She took charge of her career and musical influence. Nowadays we see a young woman, artist, and businesswoman capable of influencing the entire world – and she doesn’t throw that away with sex or smut or scandal. When you amass as many haters and megafans as she has, you know she’s going against the grain in all the right ways. Humble, conservative, poetic, and rhythmic. I’ll leave you with a question, what if Elvis had never added any Roll to his Rock? Yeah, he started out as a folk and country artist too…
  7. Kendi SkeenKendi Skeen from Kendi Everyday: Do you Kendi Everyday? Because I do and I think you should too. One of the most clothing-efficient fashion bloggers I know of, she is notoriously for reusing, rematching, and recreating old garb to make an entirely new and stunning outfits. Let The Heavens sing! Kendi has taken a fashion blog and turned it into a statement, an evolving exhibit of her greatest passion. Using herself as a model, her hubby as a photographer, and her style as gospel, her commentary on fashion has moved successfully into a definitive “reason to dress well.” And we all need one of those.
  8. Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon: The outrageously successful and accident-prone host of The Tonight Show. Also an actor, comedian, performer, lip-syncer, professional thank-you note writer, and all around good dude. Despite the monumental pressure to follow up TV goliaths like the legendary Johnny Carson or the immortal Jay Leno, Jimmy still sets himself apart from the job. He is a man of the people, sent from beyond to bring us laughter and joy five days a week. No cynicism, no cruelty, all smiles. It’s much more than a TV show when he walks out from behind that curtain. Not to mention his taste in music is fantastic, and he and The Roots ain’t afraid to show it. When you can win at SNL, The Tonight Show, and Life by letting loose and accepting your righteous dorkiness, you know you’re doing what you were meant to do. To put it in the words of the Fallman himself, he’s so GOOD. SO GOOD!
  9. Jonathan FieldsJonathan Fields: “It began as a personal research project, exploring how mass movements, revolutions, evangelist organizations and charismatic leaders capture the hearts and minds of millions and move them to action.” Are you hooked yet? This mad pseudo-scientist tells us he “mined the language of influence, social dynamics, social-technology, mega-church evangelism, cultural anthropology, corporate culture and story-architecture. Then integrated what I learned with my experience as a lifelong entrepreneur, community builder and student of language.” Arguably one of the most visually and organizationally pleasing websites you’ll come across, Jonathan Fields is so much more than just a pretty .com. For real, unabashed stories, guides, and motivation to inspire your life and get back on track working for what you truly enjoy, check out his book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance or get involved in The Good Life Project, a totally awesome way to unite with other good hearted people working, learning, and stumbling their way to their definition of a [damn] Good Life and resounding Revolution.
  10. Ian ClearyIan Cleary: CEO of RazorSocial, the ultimate resource for tech tools AND how to use them to maximize success in your business. If you want to become a Digital Influencer™, have a chat (or beer) with this brilliant Irishman who rapidly built his blog to over 20,000 subscribers in just two years. With his own massively successful feat of cutting to the front of the line, RazorSocial has become a world-known training hub. How does a guy come out virtually nowhere and in 24 months becomes a global speaker with invitations to nearly every major social media conference on the planet? He’s got an astonishing arsenal of influential skill and goodwill. Ian and his mate Colette make the internet a better place, the world a less frustrating monster, and this blog a brighter read. Never change.
  11. KatieKatie, The Wellness Mama: Oh mama of wellness, we thank you for your tips, your recipes, your organic remedies and your natural beauty and cleaning tutorials. You make our lives better, our bodies cleaner, our kids healthier, our skin prettier, and our homes more homely. With an award-winning blog and her trademark Wellness Lifestyle™ – discover health and wellness for yourself and your family from one of the most successful tried-and-true pros on the net.
  12. Sean CroxtonSean Croxton: The beast behind Underground Wellness (with over 67,000 Facebook fans) soon to be morphing into something a little less about wellness and a little more about life. Follow now. After studying for a degree in Kinesiology, Sean went on to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) and a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA). This guy actually went out and f-ing did it. Like a f-ing “Brand Boss” should! With his JERF™ (Just Eat Real Food) Revolution, Sean is a trusted leader who went to the depths of the galaxies to commit thousands of people to a full-on wellness transformation. His podcast is insanely in depth and packed with research – this guy doesn’t miss ANY details. SO pumped to see what’s next. Sean Croxton, you’re our hero!
  13. Elizabeth RiderElizabeth Rider: She believes in you because she believes in herself. Elizabeth Rider is the common people’s champion. Her mission: to help other ‘normal’ women realize just how wonderful they really are. So what sets her apart from all the other lunatics of positivity? Her enthusiasm, her record, and her confidence are a pretty solid place to start, “I talk a lot about nutrition and wholesome goodies for your body, but also about what it means to cultivate soul-shakingly good relationships, a heart-centered personal life, the importance of creativity (and fun!), kicking ass in your career, and making sure you show up as the sharpest, most giving, generous version of YOU that you can. Every. Single. Day.”
  14. The Pioneer WomanThe Pioneer Woman AKA Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman is one of the most fun sites you’ll visit. Perhaps you’ve seen her+fam on the latest Walmart holiday commercial? After accidentally falling for a cowboy in her hometown, Ree found herself entrenched and enamored by the farm life (my ultimate goal in life). Now she’s got her own hour on the Food Network, her own cookbook, a line of dishware, AND she still takes the time to sit down and write about her newfound love and hard-earned understanding of the rural way of life. Even as a born-and-bred, free-range Kansan, I still love and learn from this. If you’re a city-slicker, you surely will as well. Check out pics of her husband in chaps, amazing how-tos for a down home country supper, homeschooling tips, photography exploration, and much, much more. Take it from the country girl who knows!
  15. Tony RobbinsTony Robbins: The most obvious selection on any personal branding list, but also one of the most important. What else could we possibly say about TRobb? He’s brilliant, he’s worldwide, he’s an American…he lives the dream. Tony Robbins is one of the OG personal brands, one of the first to show us that if you work hard, if you stick to what you know – and especially what you believe, you really can achieve your dreams. It’s no coincidence so many of us gravitate toward his skillset and knowledge, he’s the real deal. Bar none…until the next queen-pin (or kingpin) arrives. Now go on–go Awaken That Giant Within, people. And if you can’t fit in some reading right quick, listen up to his podcast interview with Tim Ferriss, covering everything from the first questions Richard Branson asks before going into a business, to the story behind Tony wanting to (metaphorically) punch Obama in the face, or how he’s able to feed over 4 million people in 56 countries PER YEAR.
  16. Mary ShenoudaMary Shenouda, The Paleo Chef: Mary is a Paleo chef and a lifestyle coach. In her words, “Long story short, I used to be sick and now I’m thriving after healing myself through food and lifestyle changes.” Mary is one of the good ones. Funny as hell and killing it on Instagram, her language and energy are SO damn fun, her mentality and outlook on life is nothing if not positive, and her #eatplaycrush hashtag is top tier enthusiasm and digital mastery. Eat Clean. Play Often. Crush Life. It’s time to Paleo UP, People!
  17. Lewis HowesLewis Howes: Former pro-football player, current USA Men’s National Handball athlete – this guy is a true-blue American dude. Founder of the School of Greatness, one of the nation’s and world’s top podcasts, he writes for all the big wig magazines and journals like you’d expect, but his passion is to help people – big and small – compete and win. His mission? To make following your passion your full time job. He knows how to fight through the pain and he knows win and win again. Lewis, we salute you. Right in the face.
  18. ChristaBambooBigChrista Orecchio: Founder of The Whole Journey, Christa is a clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor, TEDx speaker, author, and weekly FOX nutrition expert. A self-described former “caffeine and sugar junkie who was raised on pizza, pasta, and antibiotics,” her path to health was marked by a need for whole, REAL food, customized supplements, and lifestyle adjustments. Christa’s methods are practical, individualized, and – best of all – they actually work. Her coolest contribution yet – Whole Journey product reviews, designed to help the public band together and discuss the ACTUAL state of food, health, and precisely what we’re putting in our bodies.
  19. Neil deGrasse TysonNeil deGrasse Tyson: When you think of personal brands, you probably don’t think of good ol’ Neil deGrasse Tyson…but you should. You don’t earn a nickname like Starman without first plunging yourself deep into the mysteries of the cosmos. He speaks, he teaches, he researches and publishes…he’ll even rap battle B.o.B in defense of Earth’s curvature. Astrophysicist, cosmologist, intergalactic pioneer, the man loves space. But it isn’t just his passion that makes him so popular. He is THE authority on fun, relatable, and accessible science and space talk. And we so love him for helping us common folk geek out on the world above the clouds. Find him inspiring the masses on Netflix, on his StarTalk podcast / TV show, dishing out TedTalks, behind a podium at a college graduation, or elsewhere pushing the limits of space and time as we know it. His mission? To bring science and space to the forefront of our minds. For that we so appreciate you, Neil. In this story-driven illusion I call life, you’re the reason antimatter really matters. Live Long and Prosper, damnit!
  20. Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson: All you Freedom Fighters listen up, The Suitcase Entrepreneur is here for YOU. For nearly a decade, Natalie has traveled the world, running a six-figure business out of her suitcase on wit, passion, and brains alone. She runs a blog, a traveling biz, a podcast, digital teaching outlets, and an awfully badass life/personal brand on top of it all. See her too-long-to-list timeline of accomplishments if you really want to get blown away (including a World Body Sculpting Championship, a World Record in Dragon Boating, a gold medal in the Brazil World Beach Championships, and obviously some naked cricket games…to name a few). If you want to learn how to go fully mobile – without compromising quality or the heart of your business, Natalie will show you how. After all, she’s been everywhere, man. 69 countries and still counting! Her goal is to help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs create true freedom in life by 2020. Take the win-win when you see it, people. Let’s help her dream come true.
  21. Ramit SethiRamit Sethi: I freaking love this website. And this guy. Ramit doesn’t have a standard ‘About’ section. He’s got a “Why Ramit” section. Semantics alone reveal just how serious he takes his business, it’s a calling – not a job. He gives you a reason, not an explanation. In his search for honest, productive financial advice, he realized that in any given industry, very few advisors were actually telling the truth to their clients. So he took the reigns and the opportunity, and now he helps restore power to the people. Can you say Ramit Hood? “Could it be that we don’t just need more INFORMATION…and instead we need to master the psychology and systems that will help us do what we ALREADY know we need to do?” Anyone that talks that dirty about information is a winner in my book, his background in tech and psychology make him the perfect leader to help us all live a Rich Life (that doesn’t stop at just money). Keep it up, Ramit. We’re with you!
  22. Pat FlynnPat Flynn: The first words you’ll read on his site: I’m the crash test dummy of online business, sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to build your business better. At Truth Hacking, WE LOVE experimentation like this. In his words, “Share the truth, be honest, work hard, and lead by example.” Pat is obsessed with building businesses that take advantage of automated systems that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without requiring a real-time presence. Far. Out. Maaan. He’s also comically gifted… Just take a gander at him starring as Patty McFlynn in this homecrafted, DeLorean-driven short, Back to the Future Again. He understands there are endless ways to go about business and building, and what makes him so special is that he doesn’t count anything out until first giving it a try. He’s a dreamer, a soul searcher, and a troubadour of truth and YOU should absolutely want him on your team. Catch up on your studies @ – and if you don’t want to take my word for it, listen to him loop out a beat box in the opening keynote address of the 2015 Podcaster Movement, then go on to abso-freaking-lutely crush his talk.
  23. Todd TresidderTodd Tresidder: Teacher, visionary, and all-star financial mentor. I heard someone compare him to a Hot Toddy once, a bare-bones, drip irrigation of highly potent financial planning. He flat out makes managing finances cool. Equipped with strategies, education, and advice for business owners and investors, Todd is simply the top dude in his field. Bar none for this guy, he’s the most humble millionaire you’ll ever meet – and the one most eager to help you build wealth too. I haven’t personally met anyone more devoted to their work. He produces real, individualized financial plans to fit YOUR specific situation. His life mission: to teach others how to invest smart, build wealth, retire early, and live free. Stop throwing pennies down the well, put your focus on freedom and your faith in Todd.
  24. MarcMarc Maron (WTF): I suspect you’ll only need a few bits of evidence to become a devout, Just Coffee fueled Maroner. Back in July, Marc interviewed the President of the United States…at home…in his garage…surrounded by secret service agents. He’s so baller he even has a show on Netflix and HBO. Marc on becoming a comic, “It meant having the freedom to figure out and then be who I am in the purest way and to do it shamelessly in front of people, impose it on them and try to blow some minds in the process. It meant avoiding the soul death of the day job. Being a comic entitled me to live like a fucking gypsy until something clicked, and if it didn’t, who knows?” See what I mean? He’s so much more than just a great mustache. Chalk up the fact that he nearly had a spot on SNL, and that he actually got THE Lorne Michaels to give an interview on his WTF Podcast, and that’s just one name on a sprawling list of stars. Tune in today, your brain and laughter could use some WTF.
  25. John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas: The voice and the tinder behind Entrepreneur on Fire, the unofficially official podcast for badasses and heroes alike. Using their humble self-description, EOFire is a, “business Podcast where I [JLD] interview today’s most inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week.” Really it’s the place top entrepreneurs go for gut checks, soul fuel, and raw imagination. And it certainly helps that John is a bona fide war hero, a post 9/11 Iraq War platoon leader, a courage-bound champion that interviews successes from every field, learning, sharing, and exploring their failures, understanding the legend of their comeback, and cosmic wonders like how you gotta get bad to be great. Capping each episode with a rapid fire question-sesh, you’ll love all the juicy, unscripted advice and ear candy blitzing out at the end of each podcast. John Lee Dumas, you’re a warrior, a hero, and a damn good man. The modern world needs madcaps and pioneers just like you.
  26. Brené BrownBrené Brown: Where to begin, where to begin… NY Times bestselling trifecta, well seasoned in the Talk of Ted, PhD, research professor at the Houston Graduate College of Social Work (that’s the S in STEM, right?). Her focus: the study of vulnerability, courage, and shame. The woman can practically see feelings, people. Naturally, she owns two businesses as well. The Daring Way™ is a “community of wholehearted practitioners who believe in the power of owning our stories, and who recognize that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” COURAGEworks is the research-driven counterpart to The Daring Way, bringing resources, eCourses, workshops, and interviews to a global audience ready for braver living, loving, and leading. Keep on rocking, the free world needs you more than ever, Brené!
  27. Kris CarrKris Carr: NY Times and Amazon bestselling author, lover of all things Crazy and Sexy, she fights cancer and she knows how to live an amazing life – even through her own decade+ battle with wellness. Kris is a self-declared “cancer thriver,” and I love her for that. Let’s take a moment to soak up the positivity, People, “Though I couldn’t be cured, I could still be healthy—I could still participate in my well-being, feel good, love harder and enjoy my life more fully.” As the leader of the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution, she lives with cancer and she isn’t afraid to fight it, flaunt it, or fess up about the struggle. Our world is changing, and a brighter dawn is on the way. For that, we owe a great deal of thanks to powerful minds and superhuman souls like Kris Carr’s. Viva La Revolución!
  28. Noah “Chief Sumo” KaganNoah “Chief Sumo” Kagan: Okay Dorks, listen up. Noah’s a total outlaw, an entrepreneur with a cause, and a blogger that gives you reason to pause. I met this guy over the summer at a private going away party for another online genius – Billy Murphy – and he was totally, 100% chill. At this point, I had no clue he had worked for goliaths like Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, and Mint…to name a few. I only knew he’d created some of the other coolest little giants the world’s ever seen. AppSumo is his most recent venture worth checking out subscribing to, but OkDork is what will really tug at your heart chords. Blogging on everything from business to depression to clear-cut (and fun) marketing strategies, Noah’s just an average romantic with a great attitude and a wonderfully stunning personal brand. If you haven’t already, read his book How I Lost 170 Million Dollars: My Time As #30 At Facebook and it will make the risks you never took and your epic failures look oh so teeny tiny. What’s not to love?
  29. Sir Richard BransonSir Richard Branson: So what exactly makes Richard Branson, Sir Richard Fucking Branson? The pearly mane of hair the wind was born to whip? The knighthood? The pretty English smile? His Virgin phone, record, airline, or space exploration business? The wonderfully recognizable name and face? We’re talking about a high school dropout with the confidence, vision, and passion to build whatever he wants, however he wants. We all know he’s a success, but what really sets him apart is how very much he cares about this world. He’s giving much of his fortune to charity, but he’s also knocking brains with the Musks and Gates of the world to help save the actual earth beneath our feet. Richard Branson is a personal brand backed with an attitude you can’t buy anywhere else – an honest and admirable heart. Just watch this commercial starring Sir Richy B in the flesh, it’s all you really need to know.
  30. Danielle LaporteDanielle Laporte: “Find your tribe. Love them hard.” Gosh I love Danielle, she has one of those personalities that makes you feel good down in your bones. She has one of the most culturally (and visually) astounding About Timelines I’ve ever seen. Danielle is a holistic coach, meaning she focuses on “The place where conscious meets cash, and ambition meets inner peace.” But she’s also an artist, a poet, a romantic, and thankfully for us, the mind who brought us #truthbombs. Her brand is the product of a lifelong search, curation, and nurturing of the arts and how that beauty translates to business and success. At the heart of it all – The Desire Map Collection, the ultimate tool for planning passions and reaching soul goals. Danielle Laporte is just soul yummy.
  31. Colin TheriotColin Theriot: The Commander a la Cult of Copy. Colin is a copywriter’s best friend, their muse, their creative writing prompt, and that little voice in the back of their head telling them all the things they should never and always say aloud and twofold. He leaves no tricky or controversial subject unexplored, and he is always tasteful and fun about it. Humbly showcasing his everyday averageness, he’s “Never Been On: NBC, CBS News, ABC, FOX, CNN, Forbes, WSJ, Inc., or Advertising Age.” Because he’s, “Too weird, I guess.” There’s no hate or showboating here, just how to write well and write with personality. If you “like copywriting and persuasion and mind control and all that sneaky kind of stuff,” then it’s time to join the cult. Check out the Facebook group, his legendary course, or follow his genius (and timeless) ramblings on the Cult of Copy Blog.
  32. Dan MartellDan Martell: Dan Martell, you are the conqueror of cool. Canada’s top angel investor, he’s had a hand in quite a few legendary businesses – and we’re so damn thankful for them. Manpacks, BOOM man stuff when you need it. Foursum, BOOM the quintessential golfing app. Charity: Water, BOOM clean water funding, no matter the cause, no matter the situation. Unbounce, BOOM landing pages for all. GetAround, BOOM insta-rental car. Udemy, BOOM endless knowledge bomb. Dan Martell is in the business of making our world better – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  33. mark-hyman-200x300Dr. Mark Hyman: Dr. Mark Hyman: Activist, author, actor, awesome-sauce doctor…I’m running out of alliteration and compliments for Doc Hyman. So who is this mystery man and what’s he been up to? Nine-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, a medical editor for The Huffington Post, Linus Pauling Award Winner (for awesomeness of course). He even talks to the Surgeon General…and the SG listens. The only thing cooler than that would be partying with the Postmaster General (…I wouldn’t be surprised). Aside from all the cool achievements, he’s also a good person. Just check out The Daniel Plan, a faith-based initiative that helped The Saddleback Church collectively lose 250,000 pounds. A personal brand brought on by good, committed, and intelligent work.
  34. w7zi0zhcChuck Palahniuk: CP is The Dude, The Pen, The Clutch of postmodern fiction. He teaches, he writes, he advocates, he tears apart the gross and icky until he’s got something beautiful to hinge your jaw to. Fight Club (obviously), Invisible Monsters, Choke, Lullaby…is he a cult author or worldwide sensation? That depends on your POV, but there’s no denying The Way of Chuck. He forged a brand for himself by way of specific, sometimes magical, and mostly always perspective shattering storytelling. Add in all the activism, role-modeling on the literary runway, carefully provocative essays, public shoutouts, packed-house readings and talks…am I crushing again? For all the write-minded individuals out there, is my favorite effort made by Mr. Palahniuk. The essays and classes he’s penned cover everything from grammar to the philosophical shame and despair writers too often struggle with. Chuck Palahniuk is his name. Cracking apart the soul of the world is his brand.
  35. NeilPatel-1Neil Patel: My first boss was named Neil, so I’ve always had a soft spot for all the Neils out there. Neil deGrasse Tyson, we gravitate to you. Neil Young, we harmonica you. Neil Armstrong, we step for you, buddy. Neil Patel, well, we uniquely visit you. His landing page says it all, “From “aha” to “oh shit”, I’m sharing everything on my journey to 100,000 monthly visitors.” Co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and Hello Bar, he was named one of the Top 100 American Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 and one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations. He began with a dream to become rich, then set a goal to create a billion dollar company. Now that he’s closing in on the Billy mark, he’s got some pretty cool goals in the works, “See, I was born with a gift: I am able to help websites get a ton of eyeballs on the web. My hope is I can take that gift and help nonprofits get enough eyeballs to their websites so that people like you can help change more lives.” Keep your eyes open!
  36. Jack-CanfieldJack Canfield: Mr. Canfield, I’ve had a question on my mind for quite some time–where in the world do you buy your poultry? Is it flown in from Tibet, outer space? It’s from Scotland, isn’t it? Most of us probably grew up during the explosion of the Chicken Soup philosophy. Jack Canfield ushered in what Time Magazine called the de facto “publishing phenomenon of the decade.” Best-selling author goes without saying here, but to be in the Guinness Book World of Records for having SEVEN books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller List – WHAT THE WHAT. Coach, activist, Hall of Fame speaker, Billion-Dollar Book Publisher, he’s a leader through and through. And he is so dang good at it. [what I would give to have JUST ONE conversation with this world-changer…]
  37. Grant-Cardone-Achieving-Massive-SuccessGrant Cardone: Drum roll, please. Where’s my snare? Cymbal. High Hat. Guitar smash. ANARCHY. THE KING OF HUSTLE is in the building (and most likely Periscoping dollars into your pockets right freaking now). Grant Cardone is a beast. He is everywhere. He does everything. He is the wind beneath your wings and the swift kick in your ass. When you talk about GC you’re probably not talking about a brand, you’re talking about one badass human being. He’s straight up with his advice and he simply will not bullshit you. This Cardonian Philosophy, as we like to call it here at TruthHacking™, is designed to promote success for the masses. Because, well, he actually wants to see the world succeed. He believes, “Success is your duty, obligation, responsibility.” So listen to his podcasts, read his blogs, his bestselling books, take his classes, or apply to your own life the ridiculous amount of free, personalized advice he gives his followers each and every day. Podcast mogul, entrepreneurial allstar, father, husband, teacher, coach, and spirit-driven 10X American. Hell. Yes.
  38. kZc6PpMmMichael Hyatt: Author of, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt is a New York Times, Amazon, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling scribe. Founder and CEO of Intentional Leadership, he commits his time and passion to his online leadership development company. With a blog that brings in over 500k unique visitors a month and a Podcast consistently reigning in the top 10 iTunes business section, he isn’t just a business owner and entrepreneurial wiz, Michael is the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest faith-based publisher in the world and now a part of HarperCollins. His mission is to help people make sense of their situation, telling those at his doorstep, “If you want to stop drifting and start designing your life, you are in the right place.” Knock, knock.
  39. 0wfSgEgDKrisstina Wise: If you don’t know her, she is hands down one of the best mentors you could ever become involved with, and on top of that one of the greatest souls you’ll ever come to know. If you’re so lucky as to brush against this maven of magic and money, trust me, you’ll be unbelievably grateful for it. Krisstina founded GoodLife Realty, a real estate brokerage experience, and Goodlife Mortgage, an online mortgage company offering the best mortgage tools and interest rates to her GoodLife Realty clients. Then she introduced to the world The Paperless Agent, a training company that helps real estate professionals become tech-savvy and paperless-capable. She is a continuous game-changer in the world of realty and tech-driven business. Named the “Inman Innovator of the Year”, she was even recognized by Apple for her advanced technological business and for being a power user of Apple products. Evernote featured her in their commercials for goodness’ sake. To call her a “millionaire mogul” is an understatement, she is pure brains and pure beauty. She’s overcome tough odds, blindside hits to her life and her business, came back from, literally, the brink of death, and has always found a way to bounce back bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever. Now she’s taking on the world with a new movement: Wealthy + Wellthy – for smart people who want to live an extraordinary life. Does she fit well into this wonderful world of ours or what?
  40. lisa-nichols-20_316x373_44Lisa Nichols: In the world of breakthroughs, one woman trumps them all, the one-and-only Lisa Nichols. This sexy, smart, and wildly successful woman is one of my all time fav’s. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc, Lisa Nichols is the author of SIX bestselling books – with one on the way! Motivating the Masses is exactly the kind of movement you think it is. Lisa pioneers strategies, coaching sessions, classes and resources to help small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs kick ass at life and business. Best of all, she doesn’t limit her skills or cage up her genius, she shares the wealth with the world because that’s exactly who she wants to help. Watch out Steve Harvey…her team is off the hook, her mission is storybook, Lisa’s got a wicked-brave new outlook.