We’ve all stared into the blank page and felt it…

The terror!

The dread!

The confusion!

The helplessness!

If you’re not already a copywriter…and don’t plan on becoming one in the near future, you should consider hiring a sales copywriter for your sales content & campaigns.

Not only are they trained in the Art of the Word–but they know how put their writing to better use than just blogging and social media posting. 😉

Sales Copywriters offer you skills that nobody can master on a whim. They’re not academic writers, they’re not content writers, they’re not even plain ol’ writers…

They have an expertise: SALES.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. Sales Copywriting is not the flashiest thing to spend money on, but it is, in fact, an extremely under-leveraged aspect of online brands…

If you’re not already a copywriter...and don’t plan on becoming one in the near future, you should consider hiring a sales copywriter for your sales content & campaigns.Click To Tweet

Take Headline and Subject Line writing, for instance. If you aren’t ON-POINT with these two items of your post, your email, your whatever–you could lose your readers (for good) within the first 15 words.

The same goes for all kinds of sales-copy projects…Sales Emails, Calls to Action, full-blown Sales & Funnel campaigns–anything that uses words to sell!

This is, perhaps, the most crucial element of your business that you SHOULD outsource.

You know you need a sales copywriter if…

  • Your content is not producing DIRECT results (like boosts to traffic & sales). One bad typo, one accidental sexual innuendo, one poorly worded metaphor can be the difference in someone following up on your pitch…and ditching it (AND YOUR BRAND) right off the bat.
  • Your emails aren’t getting opened–if you track your email campaigns and KNOW that they aren’t getting opened…it probably isn’t your email address that’s failing. It’s your words. They need help selling.
  • Your social media is…flat. Social media might not drive direct sales, but it can certainly help you get people to lead-in pages, opt-in forms, and onto other avenues that lead to sales. Boring social media isn’t media at all, it’s just…meh.
  • Your writing isn’t getting shared. When you invest a lot of time writing something, and it doesn’t get shared, liked, or pass around in the back of class…it’s kind of depressing. From a copywriter’s standpoint, it’s even more depressing to know that THAT copy only needs to minor rewrite to catch on fire amongst your tribe. If your writing is dear to you, but it isn’t getting shared…it’s time to call in a pro.
  • You sit down to write…and you’re…like, uhh…completely blank. Liajhdsflkjashdf”–we’ve all been there. Sometimes we can rearrange those letters to make a pitch or somewhat solid point, but if you don’t have time to spare and the knowledge to turn your copy into something that sells…you’re taking time, attention, and drive out of your entrepreneurship. And that ain’t a very efficient way to make more moolah.
  • You’re pretty good at sales copy, but it takes you FOREVER. If you’re this kind of person, then you’re a sales copywriter’s ideal client. No doubt about it. You know exactly what you want, you have a direction–and keywords to prove it–but you just don’t have the time to make it excellent. My advice? Make a draft or heavy outline of your vision–and hire a sales copywriter to make your dream come true. It’ll be a quick and cheap job for the copywriter, and you’ll get back awesome content that didn’t take 40 Days and 40 Nights to finish.
  • You’re not confident about your writing. If you don’t feel very confident about your writing skills, then I’m glad to be the first to let you in on this secret: few people are. Sales Copywriters aren’t out there touting how OBVIOUSLY AMAZING they are…they’re behind the scenes, producing exemplary content (that sells) for people like you. Trade in the anxiety and stress for a freelance relationship you can depend on…or just hire someone like Copy Hustlers.
  • You think your sales writing is good, but people don’t really understand what you’re selling. This is a problem I hear clients talk about often. They really believe their writing is kick-ass, and it usually is pretty good, but it’s missing that one, little thing we all need–critiques. When you can turn your copy over to someone who does sales writing for a living, you’re not only going to get great copy in return, but you’ll get to see what, why, and how they up-leveled the copy and sales themes. It’s like going to copywriting college but WAYY cheaper and WAYYY more focused on YOU.
  • You don’t know the difference between sales writing and blogging. If you think blogging is similar to sales writing–it isn’t. Now, there are hybrid forms of sales-blogging, but that’s kind of advanced. Blogging is more along the lines of heartfelt explanations, stories, how-to guides, and other rich content. Sales Writing is DIRECT. It’s focused. It has a mission and it’s damn well going to achieve it. The words, the format, length, and style–sales writing is not even of the same species as blogging. And if you don’t know this–then it’s probably time to hire a sales copywriter.

At the end of the day, if you rely on your writing to make sales or to drive potential clients into your funnel or list, then you should give the word the respect they deserve.

You can spend all the money you have on SEO, Campaign Builders, and a Sales Team…

But if the content is–at all–shaky or unreliable, then you’re going to get what you paid for….

…a bunch of people promoting the shit out of really specific keywords that nobody really understands…

Cause you need a SALES COPYWRITER!

I said it above, this is one of the top things you SHOULD outsource (and one of the most helpful things to learn in entrepreneurship).

My Advice: Use your outsourced copywriting tasks as a way to reflect on your sales writing.

Learn the formats, the different angles & lengths, the language and grammar…without having to abandon your main business…

You know–the thing you do to make all that money?

Our Help: If you want to talk to us about sales copy strategy, cool. We’re here to help you out. And if you want to send us something you need edited specifically for sales conversion…we do that too.

No matter what the copy-job is–we will fix any and all errors on the spot.

Then we get down to the technical stuff…

  • Sales Copy Conversion (we take your existing copy & convert it into copy that sells)
  • Sales Copy Revision (we do a major rewrite of your copy, make your sales themes BOLDER, and ensure you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities)
  • Sales Copy Up-leveling (if you already paid someone to write a bunch of sales copy for you…and it isn’t selling, we won’t charge you for BRAND NEW CONTENT. Nah, we’ll just fix what you have for a fair price)
  • Fresh, New Sales Copy (you give us the project, direction, intention, and any other info you think is important–and we create quality content for you)

If you, after reading this blog, think you need a Sales Copywriter–get in touch with us here!