Do you really care about the newest lip shade or shadow (seriously – I wear makeup like twice a week)? Or about mobile marketing and video making a highly anticipated rise in 2013? Or that infographics will be a serious growth and leads strategy over the next 12 months?

So what?

Will you know what to do with that information and how to properly integrate that in to part of your marketing plan?

Or will you spend precious time and money implementing something you don’t really understand, only to see it under-perform?

If you’re an entrepreneur scrambling to learn the expected trends of 2013 so you can tailor your marketing or simply look with it, here’s a little tid bit of business altering advice – don’t bother.

It would be a far better use of your time to devote yourself to understanding the psychological aspects that drive humans to accept, buy in to or follow a trend.

See – once you know how a person behaves and why they think the way they do – and all of the motivating factors underneath every action, you don’t have to keep up with trends.

You will naturally anticipate them. And then set them.