Allyson Byrd

“How we grew client an additional $360,000K+ annually and added 3 new revenue streams”

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Allyson Byrd

In 2 hours of working with Monaica, the truth of who I was that I’d hidden since I was a little girl exploded out of me and came to life in a way I never would have imagined.

As a result of launching my new brand, messaging and programs to the world — I created three new revenue streams which will result in $90,000 in additional revenues quarter over quarter. The return on investment is surpassing my expectations and my team can’t imagine launching a product without Truth Hacking at the helm.

The Problem

Allyson came to us as a general breakthrough coach. Her online image was soft. Not the type of image that one would associate with radical breakthroughs. And while she could do all of these things – empower, lead, break barriers, this was only the tip of the iceberg. When you spoke with Allyson for just a few minutes, you could quickly see that there was nothing soft (or average) about her. Instead, she was raw, edgy, passionate and energy driven. She needed some serious disruption to stand apart from her industry.

Big Result

Moving Allyson Byrd From Beige to Red Hot™ meant 3 New Revenue Streams, a national tour, an additional $90K+ per quarter and a list explosion with a growing private Facebook group of over 2300 active members.

Our Strategy

Branding Strategy #1

We went for total disruption.

Through our unique creative and investigative branding process, we tapped into her instinctively raw, edgy side. She’s an everyday disrupter. She rattles cages. She’s not a softy. We saw this as total domination advantage and decided to turn up the volume on it.

Branding Strategy #2

We narrowed our focus.

We got ultra focused on her speciality – makin’ money. Allyson’s gifting is in helping entrepreneurs get unstuck and become crazy profitable–FAST. Her online image needed to show this in a way that did not detract from her passion in helping others excel, but instead worked in unison to promote this idea: “I am a money maker and a people helper – and it’s OK to be both. YOU can be both. I’ll show you how.”

Branding Strategy #3

Getting vulnerable on camera.

To support her newly identified Red Hot brand, we created a video storyline, outlining several videos, that brought people into her world by illustrating her dynamic coaching and motivation ability within seconds, as well as exposing more of her childhood and what life was like growing up with a father in prison, a mother who showed her how to work hard for what you want in life, being fired from countless jobs she was succeeding at, and after being knocked down time and time again, she would still Rise Up.

The result

Her tribe came running. Sales went through the roof. She was understood in the market place. She successfully moved From Beige to Red Hot™. We created a platform that gave Allyson her own market to display herself, her services, and her life mission–with international expansion capability. She had the confidence to bust out, take her newly identified brand message on a US tour – where her profits continued on an uptrend. Her brand, sales platform, and web content were all a reflection of the person Allyson truly was, not just an image she wanted to project to the world. We broke through a very cluttered marketplace in an unapologetically, confident way and gave her tribe the very thing they were starving for.


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