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We create brands that make bank.

Revenue-Charged Branding For Do-Good Companies, Crazy-Smart Entrepreneurs and Conscious Leaders.

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Stop Chasing Clients.

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We are your differentiating factor.

We are storytellers and CopyBranders™. Our clients are world-changers. We write high-converting campaigns – stories that sell and create movements that make the world better. It’s been said that a person is only as good as their word. We are here to define that word and tell your Truth – where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and most importantly, where you can take us…

"We help you make sense of your genius. Then we help the world make sense of it."

— Monaica Ledell, President

Outrun your competition.

Organic, Free-Range (Revenue Charged) Brands.

We create sales strategies to launch brands, sell-out products, and fill-up events (and we’ve collected multi-millions for clients so far).

With high-converting campaigns and targeted creative, we tell sexy-smart stories that sell–stories that revolve around the world (and evolve humankind).

Honest, tradeworthy creative for breakout, offbeat, and balling-out entrepreneurs and believers in conscious capitalism.

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Million Dollars


Thousand Leads Generated

Find Your Unique Selling Proposition.

We fondly refer to it as "Positioning Your Awesomeness" in the World.

Here at Truth Hacking™, we believe that the story came before the brand…and we keep that principle in mind at every stage of the branding process.

When you get to the top, you should recognize the legend in the mirror. Truth Hacking positions your brand by inventing your own market...we’re talking about outer space here, People.

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Lets Go Make A Dent In The Universe